Concrete Slab Repair


Concrete is an amazing material. You can pour it, shape it, and make it into so many things. However, despite being so moldable not to mention strong, concrete can become weakened. You can tell when concrete is damaged because it will appear cracked, stained or sunken. You want to fix these issues as soon as possible because these flawed concrete slabs can undermine the foundation of your house. Not to worry if you notice these worrying signs in or around your home or business however. San Antonio Foundation repair offers a free assessment for concrete slab repair. Just call us today and our foundation experts will come by to give you a free inspection estimate.

Signs You Need Concrete Slab Repair

Most foundation issues in the San Antonio area stem from natural weather conditions such as shifts in temperature and humidity. These changes cause the soil beneath our homes to expand and contract which in turn compromises concrete foundations over time. Signs to watch out for include sticky doors and windows, leaky roofs, or cracked tiles. If you observe any of these seemingly harmless elements in your home, they are in fact red flags and it may be time to worry. Don’t wait until it’s too late to repair the concrete in your home. Early detection is key but then you must remedy the situation before things get inevitably worse down the line.

Cracked Concrete Repair

Concrete slabs break when the soil below constricts, causing parts of the concrete to sink and crack. Left unattended these cracks make way for moisture to trickle down underneath the slab which can cause the soil to wash away completely and ignoring them could spell disaster for your home.

Once the soil has gone the concrete loses a leg to stand on and will crack even further. Many homeowners resort to diy solutions and will try to seal these openings on their own with sealants found at any home-repair warehouse. However, this quick fix proves more expensive in the end as it only lasts a short time. Contact our company to find out about our long-term solutions which are sure to protect your home for years to come. 


Whether the concrete foundations in your home are suffering from moisture damage, frost, washed out soil or some other cause of structural ruin, we have the best industry products available which will prove to be a lasting solution. Our products have been tested and approved by over 100 top-notch foundation repair contractors in the country. We stand by their quality and that’s why we offer a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a performance warranty in writing. Get your free foundation inspection today. We will spot any damage afflicting your home, determine the cause and recommend what should be done in detail. 


Many wonder if the cost of fixing their foundation is even worth it but the cost of not fixing it could be even greater for a variety of reasons. Firstly, any damage done to your foundation will only get worse over time and will expenses increase the worse the problem is. Additionally, the resale value of your house will diminish severely if it has a weakened foundation. What’s more the appearance and safety of your home will decline as well. Namely, unsightly cracks can appear which makes it easier for unwanted animals and insects to enter your home and make it their home. We advise against having to face any of these predicaments. Give us a call today and we will inspect your home and give you a detailed quote for free.


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