Crawl Space and Pier & Beam Repair


To avoid the complications that often come with a concrete slab foundation, many houses are built with a pier and beam foundation instead. These houses are elevated from the ground and allow for a crawl space below. However, these types of structures are not immune to problems as they can still be harmed by water damage, especially in the San Antonio area where the clay soil expands in wet weather. When water collects or finds its way beneath the house, the shifting soil can then cause the piers to move beneath the beams. Water can also seep into the crawlspace if it isn’t sealed properly. San Antonio Foundation Repair will restore your home so it can withstand these threats. Our excellent services are under warranty and our engineers are dedicated to making homes safe again.

Pier and Beam Repair

Weather in Texas is known to shift from one extreme to another. It can be incredibly hot and dry or quite cool and damp. Although that may keep it interesting, these fluctuations affect pier and beam foundations negatively. To illustrate, moisture gets into the soil during wet cycles and causes the soil beneath your home to expand. During drier times, the soil contracts and all this moving around can cause the piers and beams your house is built on to shift as well. One foundation repair method might include exterior drainage systems or installing vents into the crawl space.

Whatever the solution, we will make sure to get it done right. Our services are also versatile as we have the expertise to fix a variety of foundations including block and base piers, cedar and concrete posts. 

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces are known for being dank, dark spaces that people normally avoid due to them often being rotting and moldy. This is often the case because they have been improperly sealed or have been left entirely unsealed which can even cause them to flood. You don’t want to leave these spaces unmanaged for long however, as they will endanger your pier and beam foundation. Luckily, your home can be fully protected after installing a crawl space vapor barrier. These durable barriers provide a complete boundary between the crawl space and any moisture by encapsulating it and transforming it into a newly clean and dry part of the house. Call us today to learn more about our vapor barrier process.

Above and Beyond

Not all foundation repair services are the same. In fact, many just do the bare minimum due to lack of experience or may not have the equipment or materials necessary to do a thorough job. More often than not repairs that have been made to a house in the past need to be done again. No one should have to deal with continuous recurring problems that should have been done right in the first place. Our company is known to go above and beyond while servicing your home. Call our experienced and knowledgeable technicians today. They will fully assess the damage to your home. We are fully confident that with our expertise, any repairs made are sure to last you a lifetime.

Payment Options

Often times home-owners worry about the cost of repairing their homes and delay fixing them which of course only makes the problems worse and leads to higher costs later. If you are looking for a solution that you can afford then you have come to the right place. Whether your property is cracked, sinking or shifting, we offer affordable packages and even payment plans. Thankfully, our plans do not include interest, finance charges nor credit checks! Don’t delay those repairs any longer. Give us a call today and save yourself from any more worries.


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