Drainage Repair Services

If you’ve noticed pooling water or puddles around your home after watering the lawn or a rainy day, this is a clear indication your drainage system isn’t sufficient enough to draw water away from the property. Other signs include a moldy smell or the appearance of mold in your basement or crawlspace or even dark water spots in the basement. Cracks in the foundation can also be caused by too much moisture in the soil around your home.

It’s important to find out if your home needs additional drainage or an altogether different drainage system. At San Antonio Foundation Repair, our foundation repair services range from yard drainage to water proofing to drain installation. Optimal drainage is key to preserving the foundation of your home so give us a call today. 

Slope Correction/Grading

Often times the slope of the land around your property wasn’t built at an appropriate enough angle to allow water to flow away naturally.. The steepness of this gradient can of course also shift over time due to a number of factors. Regardless of the cause, your slope needs to be corrected if it doesn’t angle away from your home at the rate of 2 to 3 inches per ten feet. If you are at all worried that you have a poor drainage system give us a call immediately. Our professional technicians will stop by and measure your yard and driveway to assess if you need a slope correction.

Under Slab Tunneling

Rather than having to endure an invasive procedure involving tearing up the carpet and floor, or having to move furniture or even vacate the home entirely, it’s better to opt for under slab tunneling. Tunneling generally only spans 3 feet by 3 feet and can be dug while you stay at home. Once the tunnel is dug, pilings are installed so your home is no longer resting on the soil and remains supported while drains are fixed. Yet another advantage is that the tunnels can stay open in the event you may need any other drainage repair in the future. Choose this option so you can sit tight while we work and reap the benefits of tunneling for all the days to come.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are generally installed in houses whose basements are prone to flooding. However, they can also be useful in preventing any possessions or items of value stored in your basement from becoming damaged in the event of a storm or other extreme weather event. They operate by first digging a pit into the bottom most part of your basement. Once the pit fills with water the sump pump activates and transfers the harmful water away from your foundation.  All the pumps at San Antonio Foundation Repair also include a backup system, so you can rest easy if there’s a loss of power.


Let’s face it, drainage pipes above ground can be an unsightly addition to any home or can even detract from it’s value. Our company offers drainage options which are not only effective but also pleasing to the eye. Contact us today to inquire about our French drains which have the look of rocks in a river. You may also opt for the Poly-Rock Aggregate, a composite which is completely water resistant and installed underground so that it’s entirely concealed when your grass grows back. 


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