​Polyurethane Injection

No one likes to see broken or uneven concrete surfaces on their driveway or sidewalk. It’s not only unsightly but also a sign of deeper problems below the cracked and bumpy ground. The stability of concrete surfaces can become compromised by a number a factors, but it mainly depends the state of the soil beneath it as well as its own weight and that of which it supports. If you see signs that the concrete around your home is under stress, you may need to stabilize it right away with a polyurethane injection.

Polyurethane is a foam- like substance that can be injected directly beneath your concrete and will fill any gaps caused by soil erosion, thereby lifting and stabilizing the concrete surface. Polyurethane is durable and long lasting, not to mention more cost effective due to its being lightweight.  


Although Polyurethane is an extremely lightweight material, the pressure it exudes allows it to lift heavier loads than even mudjacking. It is also waterproof and immovable, so once it’s been cured it won’t ever wash away, which prevents it from leaking harmful elements into the soil. And did we mention that it’s injectable? This makes it a much less messy and disruptive process than other slab and house raising techniques. Choose our Polyurethane method for your house leveling needs today and we will inform you of all the advantages in full detail. 

Unique Cases

We at San Antonio Foundation Repair understand that each home varies and each case is unique. The overall weight of a structure affects the rate of wear and tear on concrete slabs. Additionally, fluctuations in temperature and other weather conditions affect the soil in different ways so the soil composition surrounding one’s home varies from one location to another. It’s important to employ experienced applicators who know how to account for these differences. Our foundation experts will do a full inspection of your home to assess which polyurethane treatment is right for you.

Concrete Leveling Examples

Sinking concrete can create hazards around your home which can be easily repaired with a polyurethane injection. For example, uneven pavement leading up to your doorstep can create numerous occasions for losing your footing. This can be particularly worrisome for senior citizens, small children or when carrying packages up to your door blind. Rocky driveways may prove difficult for vehicles to come and go as well.  You can get rid of these annoyances today and make your home safe and comfortable again. There’s no reason to continue to put you and your family at risk when the solution is right at your fingertips.
Full Service Protection

Concrete leveling assistance may not only be necessary for the concrete slabs beneath your home but for the concrete surrounding your home as well. Have you noticed uneven or cracked concrete on the sidewalk or driveway in front of your home? This is something referred to as ‘street creep’ and it can be just as deadly for your home’s foundation as faulty concrete slabs right beneath it. This is because moisture can find its way into the cracks in the concrete surrounding your home and eventually reach the land underneath it. Our company considers these areas as a part of your property and we consider it our duty to fully protect them as well. Call us today for a free inspection estimate and find out about our full service protection rates. 


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